Yearning to make a difference?

Unity of Spirit is about ideas. 

  • The idea that we are all connected. 

  • The idea that when one of us is affected by a circumstance, everyone is impacted. 

  • The idea that what is amiss in the world is not "their" problem... it's "our" problem! 

  • The idea that as a society, we progress no farther or faster than "the least of us". 

There are no "throwaways". We are in this life together.  We bring change to the world through active engagement in the secular world, in business, nonprofit, and community activities.  If you are ready to put feet on your prayers - if you are ready to BE the change - come join us in living the principles. 


Driven by one idea:  There are no throwaways - Reverend Lonnie Vanderslice works in the  communities of the Kansas City urban core to bring hope to those marginalized by generational poverty, addiction, and incarceration.

Unity of Spirit is a ministry without walls.  It is all about the idea that spiritual principles can solve our life problems.  But to be effective, these spiritual ideas must be put into action.

Unity of Spirit is about the idea that at the center of our being, we are one in Spirit.  We bring individuals that normally do not mix together in community to provide information, tools, and opportunities.  We use the vehicles of business and jobs training to bring economic empowerment to members of communities with barriers to employment caused through isolation and societal marginalization. 

We are an all-volunteer organization that serves the Kansas City urban core through programs and activities that engage a diversity of communities to build sustainable and spiritually nurturing relationships.

Ways we show up...


Build Employable Skills

The Sewing Labs is a 501c3 organization formed for the purpose of jobs training and forming community. Rev. Lonnie serves as the Executive Director.  By learning sewing arts skills, those with barriers to traditional employment learn an employable job skill while connecting in the larger community and building social capital.

How can you help? 

The Sewing Labs need volunteers and mentors for our students. You don't even have to know how to sew!

For more information go to:


Adopt a New Business Model

Weave Gotcha Covered! is a full service custom soft furnishings design studio.  Co-founded by Rev. Lonnie Vanderslice and Kelly Wilson, it is a business with a mission to provide employment opportunities in the urban core for women who are turning their lives around.  Watch the video for a glimpse into the ideology that built this business.

How can you help?

Word of mouth referrals allow us to offer more jobs.  We speak at conferences, business events, and professional gatherings to share how we implemented these concepts.

For more information go to:


Participate as a Recovery Peer

There is a critical need in the transitional living facilities for homeless and post-treatment women (and their kids) for addiction recovery mentors.

Because most treatment facilities utilize the 12 Step model, women are encouraged to get a sponsor and work the steps.  There is a critical shortage of recovering women able and willing to make such a commitment to a newly recovering woman outside of their own home group. 

How Can You Help?

  • Become a female 12 step sponsor

  • Support on-site (closed) meetings

  • Offer rides to "safe" meetings

  • Befriend someone and check in routinely to support their recovery

  • Donate a case of recovery literature for NA or AA

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Get in touch with Rev. Lonnie Vanderslice at Unity of Spirit to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.


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