Rev. Lonnie Vanderslice, M.Div.

Rev. Lonnie is deeply committed to the use of spiritual principles to rebuild lives of those in recovery from substance use disorder and to support their families. 


Based on her own recovery journey, she is the founding minister of Unity of Spirit, a ministry without walls, in which she brings her passion for a way of life built on Unity principles and amplified within the recovery community programs into business and the larger community. 


She is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Sewing Labs, a vocational training organization with the mission of building community and training employable seamstress skills to women marginalized by generational poverty, addiction, and incarceration.  She uses these principles as the basis for her mission based business Weave Gotcha Covered! of which she is co-owner.

She serves as the co-host for "Spirit of Recovery" - a Unity.FM radio show focused on the place where spirituality and recovery intersect.

Unity of Spirit


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