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Who's an addict? "We're all hooked."

It seems that we live in a society focused on lack and limitation. "Never enough" is the mantra - it was mine for years. "Not enough money." "Not enough help." "Not enough love." "Not enough time." "How much is enough? MORE!"

Those in recovery for substance use disorder will recognize this line of thinking. It seems to becoming more and more common. This infographic from BigThink illustrates the way addictive behavior is taking over our lives. We lose ourselves in a wide variety of escapist behaviors - most of which are legal and not lethal - but are still destructive to the fabric of our lives.

There is a spiritual solution to this. It is found in the spiritual principles that underpin 12-Step recovery programs and the Unity principles contained within the 12 Powers. The problem is we BELIEVE in lack and limitation. We point faith in "lack" instead of the Truth of "abundance". Although our consciousness has been conditioned over a life time, we can now intentionally and deliberately change our thinking. After all, what we focus on grows. So I challenge you to change your focus each time you catch yourself thinking"there's not enough..."


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